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Community Involvement

To Serve, Fun and Strong®

Community Retribution plays a vital role in Canadian society. At S.E.E.D., we uphold and strive to promote the value of giving back to society. Thriving in neighbourhood activity coordination and international camp management, S.E.E.D. provides leading student programs to enhance their understanding about charity operation and event planning. From participating in game-based community service activities, campers will witness the good changes they bring upon the people in dire need. Natural sense of accomplishment, empathy and confidence thence sprout up unobtrusively amongst the souls our future global citizens, the S.E.E.D. to goodness.

Campus Immersion

Experience Strengthens Learning® (ESL Program)

S.E.E.D. proudly and diligently introduces unique secondary schools and prestigious universities to all Campers. Through professionally designed visiting sessions, campers will get first hand information from current students, alumni and university staff, a three-fold assurance to the accuracy and reliability on the knowledge learned. Furthermore, campers have the opportunity to meet and interact with the admission officers for a better understanding about program features, application requirement and student supports. For those aiming to apply to universities in Canada, it’s a great chance you don’t want to miss out.

Leadership Training

Seek Confidence Over Unique Tasks® (SCOUT Program)

At S.E.E.D., our program focuses on providing the seed of leaders tomorrow well-nourished soil for their holistic development. Hence the challenge based leadership training set forth the journey to acquire key elements to future personal success, such as team building, goal setting, problem solving, communication and more. Customized to age and skill appropriateness, S.E.E.D. Leadership Training Program is a real world simulation everyone can benefit from.

Professional Development

Target, Aim, Goal® (TAG Program)

S.E.E.D. invites people of all professions and trades to come and visit Canada. Being the second largest country in the world, Canada has a lot to offer to people around the world, whether it is for skill training or real estate and educational investment. From a relaxing team-building retreat to a journey to discover talent and market potential, S.E.E.D. can help your group and/or family customize a theme based program, designated to meet specific purposes of your visiting Canada.

Family Indulging

Because Family Comes First!

S.E.E.D. understands the importance of family quality time to a young child’s overall development, and that is why we encourage campers of age 12 and below to visit Canada with their parents. S.E.E.D. Family Camp provides unique schedules that allow both parents and young campers to engage in age-appropriate activities independently, while intertwining with joint family events celebrating the quality times they spent together.

Outdoor Exploration

Outdoor Inspiration Canada® (OIC Program)

Ever wonder why you’ve been to a place but can’t tell much of it? At S.E.E.D., memorable moments are what we are best at delivering. Our education specialists design and execute series of out-door educational games and courses that help participants gather both knowledge and photo contents best representing their experience, so the take home messages become vivid and clear. All they need are working mind and comfortable shoes. Come and have that “Oh I See” moment for a life time!