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About Seed

S.E.E.D. SUPPORT EDUCATION & ENTREPRENEURSHIP DEVELOPMENT INC. (hereafter “S.E.E.D.”) is an educational event hub. We work with schools and educational agencies across Asia and South America to promote Canada, its sceneries, international education, social value system, and cultural entertainment to fellow students. Our logistic team specializes in designing unique game-based programs, as S.E.E.D. strives to execute to meet the specific needs of different clients. Whether activities be indoor or outdoor, our camp participants all return home with a vivid and substantial Canadian experience, ranging from school visiting, outdoor inspiration, family engagement, campus immersion, cultural exchange, community involvement and more.

Since 2015, S.E.E.D. has grown exponentially in both size and product specialties. That we built our success based on the patron and recognition honourably received from clients all over the world was not a simple coincident. Our charismatic staff and professional teachers together are committed to creating a proactive learning atmosphere. As S.E.E.D. continues to evolve, our board-style of governance and organic cooperation encourage us to maximize local resources and think outside the box, thus making our product design best affordable and client-centred for all ages.


Community Involvement

To Serve, Fun and Strong®

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Professional Development

Target, Aim, Goal® (TAG Program)

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Campus Immersion

Experience Strengthens Learning®

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Family Indulging

Because Family Comes First!

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Leadership Training

Seek Confidence Over Unique Tasks®

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Outdoor Exploration

Outdoor Inspiration Canada ®

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Customer Review

When I came to Canada for the first time, I attended a private school. I found that 90% of my schoolmates are from my home country and the school did not provide any extra-curricular activities other than everyday ESL classes. I just felt so frustrated the first few months because I didn’t want to join the trend of getting effortless grades at that school though I were not a top student.

Shortly after, I met Spike from S.E.E.D. Education on an occasion. He offered some thoughtful advices after learning my situation. He then helped me tour a public school which I later successfully transferred to. To be honest, I felt a bit lonely when I just started at the public school as there were fewer international students from China. Two months later, I spotted some changes in me – I started to speak English more actively and got to know many friends who were not from my origin. More excitingly, I could manage to understand the lecture contents from 10% of all taught to almost full understanding. I not surprisingly received a 7 in my IELTS test a year later and eventually got admitted to Computer Science from University of Waterloo.

I am grateful for knowing Liam. Otherwise I might end up spending time longer time overcoming my language barrier.

Ellen Qiao

Like many international students here from China, writing is what I am most unskillful at among all four bands (Reading, Listening, Writing & Speaking). Unfortunately many of my university supplementary applications require extensive writing, and I just got crazy about how to do it right. Thanks to S.E.E.D.’s professional team with strong language command, my applications were well critiqued and modified and I finally received 5 ofers from U of T, Waterloo, etc. I truly thank S.E.E.D.

Alex Zhang

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